A brief overview of roof painting and restoration

The roof of your house is probably the most important part of your house. Most roofs last a long time if it’s installed and maintained properly. But if the installation is poorly done, and proper maintenance is ignored, you might have to write some checks to replace the roof sooner than you should have to.

Although, if you take regular care of the roof and get it inspected, repaired and restored, you might live a happily ever after with your roof until it’s natural expiration.

Why roof painting and restoration?

Roof restoration and repainting is a process that protects, strengthens the roof and allows it to be more energy efficient and functional. There are myriad advantaged to roof painting and restoration, and you can enjoy all of them if you hire the right people to do the job.

Roof painting smartens the outlook of your home, increasing its real estate value. A beautiful roof is like he cherry on top of your beautiful house, and when it comes to the real estate market, a little extra curb appeal goes a long way.

Roof restoration and painting helps prevent roof leaks, improving the air quality of your home and reducing mold and mildew damage.

Heat reflective painting on roofs reduces the amount of heat absorption and heat radiation in the atmosphere, keeping home environment cooler in summers and saving air conditioning costs.

Who does the restoration?

You will find many companies including amateurs and professionals who does roof restoration and painting. You should always go for professionals because they can give you guaranteed workmanship and a better job of restoring your roof than amateurs. Do a thorough background check, look for reviews and licensed professionals for your restoration job.

When do you restore and repaint?

 When it’s time to fix the roof, you will notice it. Do you see yourself and your family busy with buckets collecting water when it rains? If you do, there are leaks in your roof that needs fixing. If your roof is collecting debris and allows growth of algae, mildew and lichen, you will notice it. Algae growth looks like black streaks, which can be removed by cleaning and repainting the roof. Roof cleaning before painting prep kills the spores of parasitic spores of organisms that weakens roof material.

How does it proceed?

Roof repairing contractors inspects the roof first to find out the anomalies in roof structures. Then they fix the tiles, repoints ridge cap, cleans the roof in turns and gets rid of the old paint. In this process, any issues of the roof gets discovered and solved. After the prepping, the painting and sealing is done. The process takes approximately 3 days depending on the weather conditions.

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