Roof Restoration | Brisbane | Why should you have your roof cleaned?
Rain, storm, wind and hailstones causes roofs to collect debris, crack in tiles and other damages like leak and blistering. That is why roofs need to be cleaned on a regular basis. An unclean roof may give rise to moss and mould growth, causing the tiles to weaken and deteriorate. Top... Read More
Roof Restoration | Brisbane | Reasons you need your garage door re-sprayed
Does your garage door make your home look dull and boring? Garage doors are a big part of the outlook of your home, so if yours look too dull, it takes a toll on the exterior appeal of your home. Don’t give the neighbours a reason to point and laugh. Here are... Read More
Roof Restoration | Brisbane | How to fix a leaky roof
How to fix a leaky roof - 05 November 2017
No one likes running around with pots and buckets when it starts to rain and water gets inside the house. Eventually you get tired of looking for leaks, and buckets run out. If you have a tile roof, there can be many reasons behind its damage. Tile roofs can be leaked due to many... Read More
Roof Restoration | Brisbane | Most common roof problems and solutions
Roof is the part of your house that protects you, without you noticing it too much. Since most roofs are low maintenance, and there is that saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’, we barely notice it when our roof gets too damaged to be repaired and function again. Here are some... Read More
Roof Restoration | Brisbane | Advantages of using heat reflective coating on roofs
The olden days are not here anymore when you’d go bankrupt paying for air condition in summer! Technology has come to our rescue, innovating new and better solutions to make daily life as easy as it gets. Heat reflective paint is such a revolution in the paint industry. It reflects up to... Read More
Roof Restoration | Brisbane | A brief guide to Aussie roofs
A brief guide to Aussie roofs - 15 September 2017
The Land Down Under is a country that’s one of a kind, extending its land type to desert plains and vast outback ranges to dense rainforests and coastal seasides. Being an area of different types of weather conditions, the Aussie folks build their homes in various sizes, shapes and... Read More
Roof Restoration | Brisbane | What’s your roof made of?
What’s your roof made of? - 05 September 2017
Roof is the thing that’s got you covered. It’s important to choose the right kind of material to ensure the maximum protection for your home. Wondering what kind of materials we use in Australia? Here is an overview of the roofing materials that you may find... Read More
Roof Restoration | Brisbane | All about cleaning roofs
All about cleaning roofs - 15 August 2017
Roof is the part of our house that we naturally forget about. The only side we of it is the interior, and it’s impossible for us to know of any damage on the upper surface. Roofs should be inspected and restored every 10 years, otherwise they get too damaged to be repaired, and needs... Read More
Roof Restoration | Brisbane | 7 reasons to go through home exterior painting
The exterior of a house is just as important as the interior, so it should be maintained and cared for as much as the interior. At any sign of deterioration, you should get the outer wall surface inspected, fixed and repainted. Here are 7 reasons you should repaint your home’s... Read More
Roof Restoration | Brisbane | Benefits of roof repainting
Roof is the part of our home that protects us from weather and other harms. Since it gets the more blows, it gets damaged more than any part of the house. The weather conditions and age of the roof are mostly responsible for roof damages. Repainting... Read More
Roof Restoration | Brisbane | Why choose Retro Roof Restorations
When it comes to your roof, you need to choose the best painters in town. You want the company who excels in professionalism and are the best at the market. When you choose Retro Roof Restorations for your roof job, you ensure all these. Here’s why you should... Read More