Heat Reflective Coatings

Getting a heat reflective coating will work to reflect the suns radiation away from your roofs surface, which means your coated surface will stay cooler and last longer. Making cooling down your home much easier, as well as saving you money on your power bills.

Retro Roof Restorations proudly uses a top-of-the-line, high-quality Globalcoat heat reflective coating product. Not only is this product the only one available that is manufactured to meet Australian standards, but it also incorporates nanotechnology so that the surface enhances the coatings dirt-shedding capabilities!

Heat Reflective Coatings | Brisbane | Reduces Urbane Heat Island Effect

The FEATURES & BENEFITS of our Heat Reflective Coating Product:

  • Infrared Reflective Coating
  • Incorporates Nanotechnology
  • Australian Made & Owned
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Reflects Infrared Radiation
  • Reduces Heat Penetration
  • Reduces Cooling Costs
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Reduces Urbane Heat Island Effect

Did you know that some dark coloured roofing surfaces can reach temperatures of over 90 degrees? The large surface area and angle of your home’s roof means that each and every day your roof is capturing enormous amounts of heat from the suns radiation. This in turn will have a serious effect on the interior temperature of your home. Queensland summers are hot enough, we guarantee you want your roof to be helping you cool your home, not hindering you.

Light coloured roofs are the obvious choice in reflecting away the suns heat, but in many cases across Australia not allowed by council planning regulations. Getting a heat reflective coating added to your roofs surface can give you all those benefits of having a light or white coloured roof. Adding an extra 30% to your roofs heat reflective ability, this heat reflective coating service could be the difference you’ve been looking for to help save on energy and make cooling your home this summer easier than ever.

Retro Roof Restorations has years of experience in exterior restorations, including roof repairs, roof restorations and heat reflective coatings. Our quality, highly-skilled workmanship is one you can trust in to deliver a results-driven service that you can trust in. Our impeccable standards ensure a finish to your home that you and we can be proud of.

If you are wanting to add a heat reflective coating to your home or have any further questions about this coating service, feel free to call Retro Roof Restorations. We service homes all across Brisbane, as well as all surrounding suburbs.