Roof Restoration Services

Retro Roof Restorations specialises in all aspects of roofing repair and exterior restoration. Routine roof repairs and restorations are vital to your home maintenance, and can drastically improve the longevity and value of your home.

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Tile Roof Painting

Tile roof painting – or tile roof restoration – has become more and more popular to home owners. With new advances 

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Roof Restoration

If your roofing is looking aged and dated, if the colour has faded or parts such as the ridging or guttering

tile roof repair work

Roof Repair

Routine roof repairs are vital to the maintenance of your home, and are a very cost and time effective alternative to replacing the entire roof. 

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External Painting

Is your exterior paint looking dated and aged? External painting is a fantastic way to uplift the appearance of your home

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Decorative Driveway Coatings

Is your driveway looking faded, aged or in dire need of an update? A fresh decorative driveway coating is a great cost-effective way to bring 

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Heat Reflective Coatings

Getting a heat reflective coating will work to reflect the suns radiation away from your roofs surface, which means your coated surface