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Is your driveway looking faded, aged or in dire need of an update? A fresh decorative driveway coating is a great cost-effective way to bring life back into your driveway, whilst enhancing its appeal and longevity. A decorative driveway coating can protect against staining and damage from the harsh Queensland climate, as well as add colour and improved shine back into the concrete.

If you feel your home could benefit from a decorative driveway coating, Retro Roof Restoration services all areas of Brisbane, including surrounding suburbs. We pride ourselves on delivering our customers friendly service and quality workmanship at reasonable prices.


  • A beautiful, fresh finish;
  • Increase to your home’s value;
  • Adds longevity to your driveway and home;
  • Protection against water and weather damage; and
  • A cost and time-effective way to revamp your homes driveway without having to completely replace it.

Adding a decorative driveway coating to your home not only increases its street appeal and value, it will also protect your driveway from damage from things like water, severe weather or the day-to-day wear and tear. Having your driveway coated is a fantastic way to preserve the life of your home now, so that later you won’t have to experience big expenses due to neglect. Also, if you are considering selling your home – now or even in a few years – this service can add a eye-catching appeal to any potential buyers that are interested in your purchasing your home.

If you are looking to have a decorative driveway coating added to your Brisbane  home, or to have any of your decorative driveway coating questions answered, call Retro Roof Restorations.

You can trust in our service to meet impeccable standards with an immaculate lasting finish. Our highly-experienced team can offer you the reassurance in knowing that your decorative driveway coating will be done by a highly-skilled and professional local service.

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